Saturday, January 3, 2009

Russian, anybody?

The family has been talking about learning Russian, so I looked for some resources. So far, here's what I've found:
  • Course at our community college - this is offered for five or six weeks in the spring
  • The Rosetta Stone software - pretty expensive to buy (over $250 for Level 1)
  • "A Spoonful of Russian" podcast at - a series of lessons with .mp3 audio
  • Russian language guide at - gives pictures with written and spoken Russian (view with IE)
Why learn Russian? I'm pretty sure Jurate speaks Russian, so that's a good reason!

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  1. Hi, there! Happy New year! I think I have to tell you, that my Russian is a bit worse that my English ;)

    Anyone wants to try to learn Lithuanian? Actually it is not so difficult to speak in Russian, but they have their own alphabet (Cyrillic alphabet) and that is not so easy to learn (and to remember after school, lol)